Dolce vita

Dolce vita

Karin Leeuwenhoek is a theologian, vinologist and communications scholar. She has ninety Italian olive trees, but mostly loves wine - and philosophising about it. See also her wine blog She writes a column in every issue of WINELIFE Magazine. - TEXT KARIN LEEUWENHOEK | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

Dolce vita

Living like God in France, la dolce vita; the good life we often associate with living in more southern countries. Preferably Mediterranean countries, where it is warmer and sun, sea, a nice bite to eat and good glass of wine with family and friends are never far away. And where they have an easier time of it. Mañana; that could also be tomorrow. And tomorrow can then easily become next week, or month. Such a Mediterranean lifestyle definitely helps against stress. But less so against a government deficit. It is not entirely coincidental that countries like France, Greece, Italy and Spain traditionally have a (much) higher national debt than the Netherlands. And it is quite confusing that we Dutch often thrive better at a slower pace and less pressure, but at the same time cannot and will not resist doing things in our own 'better, faster, more efficient' way. After all, we are quite proud of our productivity. And prosperity. Moreover, year after year, the inhabitants of our little country come out as one of the happiest on earth. So in terms of well-being, too, we are apparently doing well.

For comparison, I zoom in on Italy, a country I visit regularly. Especially in the southern part, by the way, which is economically a lot weaker than northern Italy.


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