Tasting notebook

Tasting notebook

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Tasting notebookTasting notebook

There is nothing as changeable as tasting forms, which can sometimes quite annoyingly get in the way of real tasting and discovering the wines on the table. Vinologist and wine consultant Anthony De Beir increasingly ran into complaints from confused students and decided to create an easy-to-read tasting notebook of his own. It has become a wildly handy pocket-sized wine assistant, including a short wine tasting course and a clear explanation of the points system that the former head sommelier of De Lindehof** likes to use. Or as De Beir himself puts it: 'Order in the tasting chaos!' TASTING NOTEBOOK | ANTHONY DE BEIR | BRAVE NEW BOOKS | ISBN: 9789464652741 | €15.50

Tasting notebookVega

Janneke Philippi's recipes stand out in two ways: they are dead simple to prepare and, thanks to Philippi's background as a food stylist, come with mouthwateringly beautiful photographs. After books on salad, pasta and apple pie, among others, she dived into vegetarian cuisine, which she serves by vegetable type; from beetroot to winter tubers. Truly one of those cookbooks you pull out again and again: we are fans of her crispy artichokes and we certainly didn't make the beetroot gnocchi and smoked buffalo mozzarella last either. VEGA - 100 VEGETARIAN RECIPES FOR EVERY DAY | JANNEKE PHILIPPI | NIJGH & VAN DITMAR | ISBN: 9789038811307 | € 29,99

The cheese book

'The crème de la crème of world raw milk cheeses' is the subtitle of this book, in which cheese refiner Frédéric Van Tricht and cheesemaker Giedo De Snijder pay tribute to the noble craft. In The Cheese Book the two Belgians paint loving, insanely comprehensive portraits of the world's most extraordinary cheese makers and some fifteen top raw-milk cheeses, intended for true enthusiasts who like to really know the ropes. A book to get delightfully lost in, but don't worry: from now on you will know your way around the fromagerie blind. THE CHEESE BOOK | FRÉDÉRIC VAN TRICHT & GIEDO DE SNIJDER | LANNOO | ISBN: 9789401479561 | € 39,99



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