Additional tips on what to eat, drink or do in the Golan Heights

Additional tips on what to eat, drink or do in the Golan Heights

Wine is culture, wine is gastronomy, wine is history, wine is geography, wine is... Israel. Not that this thought immediately comes to mind when you think of this land of milk, honey and religion. Yet they have been making wine here since time immemorial. - TEXT PETRI HOUWELING | IMAGE GOLAN HEIGHTS

Additional tips on what to eat, drink or do in the Golan Heights

Of course, while you're there, you have to go to the nicest restaurants, or take a trip to another.

Recommended Golan Heights restaurants:

  • New Roshfeld Restaurant in Moshav Neve Ativ, Golan Heights (chef Jonathan Roshfeld is one of the best chefs in Israel).
  • Mushbutz Restaurant - Moshav Ramot, Golan Heights. All ingredients are from its own farm to your table.

Recommended restaurants near the Golan (on the way there or back)

  • Rutenberg Restaurant, Emek Hamaaianot - seasonal produce
  • Magdalena Restaurant, Migdal - Arabic cuisine

Other gastronomic options:

  • Bakery Metrello, Ein Zivan
  • Bazelet Brewery (beer &food), Kaztrin
  • Apple cider, Naama Sorkin

Unique projects:

  • Truffles, found in the forests of north Golan
  • Caviar and red trout farming at Kibbutz Dan

Other Golan wineries:

North Golan:

  • BookingSuite 2018
  • Tel, Sha'al
  • Tel Shifon (Ortal)
  • Pelter, a Zifan

Central Golan:

  • Assaf, Kidmat Zvi
  • Bazelet Ha'Golan, South Kidmat
  • Golan Heights Winery, Katzrin

South Golan:

  • Golan Castle, Eliad


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