Getting paid to drink wine?

Getting paid to drink wine?

After two successful editions, Rueda Wines is looking for Winefluencers again this year. With one winner in the Netherlands and one winner in Belgium this year! From 19 - 23 September, the battle for this dream job - and the paycheck of € 5000,- - loose again on Instagram. - TEXT + IMAGE RUEDA WINES

Getting paid to drink wine? From next week, you have a chance to win this dream job!

Apply for this dream job

Applying for this dream job is very simple. Share your love for Rueda Verdejo on social media from 19 to 23 September. From Instagram to Facebook and from TikTok to blogs, go all-in.
Follow the Instagram page from @ruedawines. Post your inspiring Rueda winefluencer content, tag @ruedawines and use #TasteRueda.
Anyone in the Netherlands and Belgium can participate, on one condition: you are 18+!

Will you be the successor to Rueda Winefluencers Elianne and Debbie?

A Winefluencer is always online. You know how to inspire your followers with wine-inspired content in text and images. As a Rueda Winefluencer, you obviously love white wine and you shout that from the rooftops! So you make your followers happy with everything to do with Rueda Verdejo.

Click here for everything about Rueda Winefluencer and its terms and conditions.

Rueda wines

D.O. Rueda is one of Spain's most important white wine regions, known for the verdejo grape (indeed, the one of those delicious summer wines!). The vineyards in Rueda are located at high altitudes, some 700 to 850 metres above sea level! Here the grapes sweat in the scorching Spanish sun, and at night they shiver in the cold. And it is precisely at this time that they are harvested - because this is how that crisp freshness is preserved!


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