The most delicious rosé

The most delicious rosé

A huge pool of rosé is being made worldwide. Every self-respecting wine region participates. Yet there are always standouts when it comes to the very best terroir. That is and always will be France's Provence. They have known here for years how to make the very best pips-pink grape wet. But even here, the choice is vast. Luckily for us, others do the work of picking out the very tastiest Rosé of the Year 2023 from that. And that, according to the prestigious Proefschrift Wijnconcours, is the Provence Cru Classé Comtesse de Saint-Martin 2020.

Fortunately, we can stand behind this choice, because it is not just any rosé. This blend of the clairette and rolle grape varieties has an extra orange wine dimension. You can smell and taste those wafer-thin bitter orange peels, rosehip jam, acacia, and an edge of butter. And lavender, topped off with a spicy mace. It's a fantastic, slightly plump food wine that tastes great with anything creamy. Think dishes with mushrooms and poultry. Tasting on site and staying overnight at the château, by the way, is also highly recommended.

Cuvée Comtesse 2020, Château de Saint-Martin Cru Classé, Côtes de Provence


Text: Marjolein Schuman | Image: Chateau Saint Martin

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