Betuws Wijndomein big winner Wine Census of the Low Countries 2022

Betuws Wijndomein big winner Wine Census of the Low Countries 2022

The Betuws Wijndomein in Erichem (Gelderland) has won the most gold and silver medals at the Wine Competition of the Low Countries 2022. In addition, winemakers Diederik Beker and Arina van Leenen make the best pearl rosé in the Netherlands and Belgium. Diederik Beker was also again awarded the title of 'Best Winemaker of the Competition'. - TEXT EDITORS | IMAGE THERA VAN LEENEN.

Betuws Wijndomein big winner Wine Census of the Low Countries 2022

This year, 58 Dutch and Belgian vineyards submitted a total of 238 wines for the Wine Competition of the Low Countries. Of all the gold and silver medals awarded, the Betuws Wijndomein obtained the most medals of all the vineyards, namely 6 gold and 8 silver medals. One medal was obtained in the bronze category. It received gold medals for the LingeRood Cuvée Signature 2017 ánd 2020, LingeWit Tête de Cuvée 2021, LingeParel Wit 2021, LingeWit Edelzoet 2021 and the LingeParel Rosé 2021, which is also the best pearl rosé of the Netherlands and Belgium. Betuws Wijndomein is participating again this year with a number of honorary prizes, and Diederik Beker may bear the title 'Best Vineyarder of the judging'.

Dutch wine to keep

A proud owner and winemaker Diederik Beker says: "In 2021, we once again worked with full attention and love in the vineyard, producing beautiful quality wines. It is great to see our efforts reflected in the gold medals in all white, red and sparkling categories.

I am most proud of the LingeRood Cuvée Signature which is really worth preserving. The 2016 Signature received gold in 2020 and the 2017 and 2020 Signature both received gold in 2022. That does say something about its storage potential. I am impatient by nature, except when it comes to my red wine and its storage potential."

Hot summer requires different approach

The summer of 2022 was the third warmest since records began and extremely sunny. According to KNMI, this summer saw the most sunshine ever recorded. Arina van Leenen: "That requires a different approach than last year, for example, when the number of sun hours was low. We defoliated early, kept the substrate between the grapes green and cool and took extra care of the foliage. We start harvesting the grapes more than 10 days earlier this year. The grapes are smaller on average, but winemaking is all about the skin in relation to the flesh and the concentration of aromas and they are good."

About the Betuws Wijndomein

On the Betuws Wijndomein in Erichem near Buren, 14 grape varieties are grown on seven hectares, including Johanniter, Cabernet Blanc, Souvignier Gris, Pinotin, Regent and Cabernet Cortis.

Throughout the year, winemakers Diederik Beker and his partner Arina van Leenen are passionately tending the grapes in the vineyard and making wine. They also make cider, verjuice and an alternative to non-alcoholic wine.

The wines are for sale in the estate's own vineyard shop and at several wine shops in the Netherlands. They are also served in top Dutch restaurants.

Betuws Wijndomein is open year-round to visitors with wine tastings, picnic lunches/ drinks, vineyard walks and events such as the Open Day of Dutch Vineyards. Groups are also welcomed for tastings, meetings, team outings, drinks, weddings and other celebrations.


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