Makro breaks world record largest line of wine bottles

Makro breaks world record largest line of wine bottles

Makro Netherlands is celebrating the start of the terrace season with a spectacular promotion: the longest line of wine bottles ever built! On Friday 15 March, under the watchful eye of Guinness World Records, it was announced how they broke the current world record with a kilometre-long line of wine bottles.
Text: Fela de Wit | Image: Makro

Early in the morning, as many as 15 enthusiastic Makro employees started the preparations. Around half past seven, a larger group of volunteers joined the team to actually put down the line of bottles together.

Across the Makro Amsterdam shop, a long route had been laid out. This line was then laid out with three bottles wide. Thus, they created a long line of about 200 metres, with as many as 600 metres of wine bottles.



Under the watchful eye of judges chef Ramon Beuk, Marieke and India (@winespicegirl) and Guinnes World Records, the record was broken around 10:30 am. The new record was set with a whopping 7418 bottles! The wine used for this was La Sastreria, a house brand of Makro and Metro. This is a Spanish wine made from the Garnacha tinta/blanca grape.

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