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We never actually turn down a glass ourselves, but according to the makers of these wines, sugar is a reason to forgo wine. PURE The Winery therefore makes zero-sugar wines that contain no sugar, no carbohydrates and fewer calories. Furthermore, PURE also keeps it simple. There is a red, white, sparkling white and sparkling rosé, made by winemakers in the Italian Piedmont.

California dreaming

Have you already started the Capstone California Wines Education Program? After this new wine course, you'll be able to dream the sub-areas and be a certified connoisseur of the California wine region. And how fun is it to specialise in the exciting wines of the other side of the ocean!?!!

Shipwreck with wine

What an adventure: you explore the seabed with a remote-controlled camera at a depth of about 100 metres and suddenly see a ship! It happened to Italian archaeologists off the coast of Sicily, near Palermo. The find is a Roman shipwreck from the 2nd century BC, which turned out to be heavily laden with amphorae probably carrying wine. Being a Roman more than 2,000 years ago, transporting your home-made wine and olive oil - because olive oil could also be in the amphorae - across the Mediterranean Sea; it makes our imagination run wild.


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