Probation: Being sentenced to probation. It's less punishment than jail, but you still have to keep quiet, listen nicely, don't make mistakes... We don't bother and sit it out patiently. - TEXT MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN

Rueda Verdejo in green


We are welcomed with a refreshing glass of sparkling wine made from 100 per cent verdejo grapes. It is a warm day in June and on the terrace of The Greenhouse are two long wooden tables, fantastically laid out with green vegetables as if it were a painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. A straw hat and a net bag hang from each chair. In it is already a bottle of Rueda Verdejo and afterwards we are allowed to replenish the goodie bags with the vegetables, it is announced. Nice!
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Harold Hamersma gets the floor. We are already feasting on the amuses, such as a radish on its tail with piccalilli and cassava crumble. 'If you serve a nice crisp and crunchy one, pretty much all signals jump to vegetables,' the wine critic says of the Rueda Verdejo. He provides the wine pairing while chefs Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer take us through their farm-to-table concept in four green courses. That is: what ends up on the plate is fresh and local, preferably from the restaurant's own vegetable garden and greenhouse.

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