Northern Italian-style chicken soup

Northern Italian-style chicken soup

'This is my make-everything-on-what's-in-the-fridge soup. It is very comforting and does not taste like a soup made from leftovers from the fridge. The fennel is totally optional, but I think the aniseed-like flavour is much underrated. Use good fruity olive oil to garnish the soup, and for a more nutritious soup, add some cooked pasta at the end, or add some cooked beans to the pan before simmering.' - TEXT DAVID CHANG AND PRIYA KRISHNA | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

You will need this for 4 people

  • chicken stock
  • Parmesan crust
  • rosemary
  • kale
  • 1 onion
  • fennel tuber 1 piece
  • chicken pieces
  • olive oil
  • black pepper

This is how you make it

'Season the chicken stock (from page 19; just the stock, add the chicken meat later) with one or two pieces of hard crusted Parmesan cheese (or another hard Italian cheese), rosemary, a handful of sliced kale or other leafy green vegetables, 1 white, yellow or red onion, in pieces, and/or 1 fennel bulb, in strips.

Simmer this for about 30 to 40 minutes with the lid on the pan, until everything is cooked and the stock is very nicely balanced and flavourful. Remove the cheese rinds. Add the chicken pieces. Divide the soup among bowls and garnish each bowl with grated Parmesan cheese, olive oil and coarsely ground black pepper.'


Dry white goes well with vegetable and chicken soup. But because of the pronounced anise flavour of fennel, consider a Muscat or Viognier with just a little more fragrance. This floral and fruity Languedoc has apricot, peach, a ginger sweetness and citrus acidity, says Harold Hamersma.

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Chicken soupDAVID CHANG | CARRERA CULINAIR | ISBN: 9789048857951 | € 23.99

Chicken soupDAVID CHANG & PRIYA KRISHNA | CARRERA CULINAIR | ISBN: 9789048863709 | € 29.99


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