Let's go

Let's go

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Let's GoLet's go

London Loy starred as a primetime TV chef at 24Kitchen and Coffee Time, and cooked the stars off the Malaysian beach this year with minimal resources in Expedition Robinson. Those culinary survival skills provide a nice bridge to his new book Let's Go, in which Loy shares modern recipes for healthy, mouth-wateringly delicious power boosters for body and mind - rigorously verified by a sports dietitian and paired with good conversations with athletes and well-known personalities, who know exactly what they need to achieve peak performance. LET'S GO | LONDON LOY | NIJGH & VAN DITMAR | ISBN: 9789038812144 | € 32,50

Let's goCarpati

Thanks to a long-forgotten image of voluptuous stews and kilos of onions and garlic in front of eyes, Romanian cuisine, as sophisticated as it is versatile, is sometimes underestimated. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Romania also has many of its neighbours - from Greece to Austria - happily cooking along at the cooker. Just ask writer and foodstylist Irina Georgescu, who, in her browsing cookbook Carpati not only serves up sophisticated specialities, but at the same time makes the fascinating Eastern European country itself come alive in stunning photographs and personal stories. CARPATI | IRINA GEORGESCU | GOOD COOK | ISBN: 9789461432889 | € 27.50

Wine class - The grape

When the former sommelier of restaurant The Jane** in Antwerp promises "the ultimate wine guide from albariño to zinfandel" we prick up our ears, especially when it comes out around the holidays. The multi-award-winning Belgian sommelier Gianluca Di Taranto gives in Wine Class: The Grape light-hearted but thorough lecture on our favourite fruit and its journey to the bottle, the glass and our taste buds. A must-have, then, also because Di Taranto is also well on his way to becoming Master of Wine. WINE CLASS - THE GRAPE | GIANLUCA DI TARANTO | LANNOO | EAN: 9789401487146 | €26.99



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