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A unique lamp made from a one-of-a-kind wine bottle. Dutch company Rebottled upcycles used wine bottles by turning them into cool glasses, candles, drinking bottles and hanging lamps. The bottle gadgets are manufactured in a sheltered workshop by people distanced from the labour market. Have! LAMP | REBOTTLED.COM | € 49.95


Plastic cutting boards are mandatory in the hospitality industry, but there are voices saying that this is not necessarily more hygienic than wood. Cleaning well is important. When in doubt about bacteria, you can also use it for slicing baguettes and as a serving board for the cheeses with your wine. Made of FSC-labelled beech wood, friendly to your knives and fitted with finger slots.


Art on the table with this glassware by sculptor Boris Tabacoff called Narcisse. With its asymmetrical silhouette and faceted stem, it gives a beautiful reflection of light. Crystal House Baccarat shares the story of the Greek hunter Narcissus to explain the name. This youth was known for his looks and love of all things beautiful. He fell in love with his own reflection in the water. NARCISSUS GLASS BY BACCARAT | HARRODS.COM | SET OF 2 £507



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