Penny Streeter & Johann Fouri of Benguela Cove

Penny Streeter & Johann Fouri of Benguela Cove

A special place and special wine personalities in South Africa are the focus of this column today. It is not only the place in South Africa that is special. So are the people behind the wines of Benguela Cove. Behind these winery stands Penny Streeter. A now affluent woman who not so long ago was a welfare mother with three children. She persuaded winemaker Johann Fourie to become chief winemaker of Benguela Cove. A particularly successful combo. WINELIFE presents a woman and a man with taste. - TEXT CHARLOTTE VAN ZUMMEREN

South Africa is an immense (wine) country with several regions where wine is made. Most wines come from the warmer regions. Although it must be said that the so-called cool-climate areas are on the rise. More and more importers in the Netherlands are convinced of the refined qualities from this southern part of South Africa. Joke Holster of De Monnik Dranken was looking for a cool-climate winery from South Africa and explored the cool wine region locally. This is how she ended up at Benguela Cove.

Penny Streeter

Right on the Atlantic Ocean. At the southernmost tip of South Africa, lies a tranquil inlet of the Botrivier. Just north of the town of Fisherhaven, close to Hermanus which is famous for its merrily splashing whales. Lies Benguela Cove. The entire estate covers 200 hectares, 62 of which are planted with vines. In 2013, Penny Streeter bought this beautiful piece of South Africa. The story told by the owner of Benguela Cove is almost literally breathtaking.



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