5 questions to... Steve Lohr

5 questions to... Steve Lohr

We are big fans of the wines of the Lohr family from California. Together with Steve Lohr, who visited the Netherlands late last year, we got to taste them: quite an honour. As a 10-year-old boy, he was already helping his father, wine pioneer Jerry Lohr, plant new vineyards and now Steve is the business manager of J. Lohr Vineyards.
Text and image: Marjolein Schuman


  1. Mmm! The reds seem to have a fairly mild flavour profile?

'This is a 100 per cent Paso Robles. We can go into the AGM (American Viticultural Area, ed.) Paso Robles make very nice blends, Bordeaux blends, or like this one of cabernet sauvignon and petite sirah. It is warm during the day, so aromas develop, and the night brings coolness, because 40 kilometres away is the Pacific Ocean. Then you get acidity, some greenness. Dense but soft you could say about the wines. In this Pure Paso, the savoury of the cabernet sauvignon and the fruity of blackberry of the petite sirah combine to give a firm texture and a great aromatic profile.' 


  1. We also taste cherries and chocolate, the Pure Paso will go well with turkey! You say this Chardonnay also goes well with food?  

'What you are about to taste is a cool-climate wine, a nice dry Chardonnay. The grapes come from vineyards in the Arroyo Seco AVA in Monterey County. In turn, the climate in Monterey is perfect for white grape varieties. Because of the cold there, we have a few weeks longer growing season from bud to harvest. During that time, the grapes can develop rich flavours while there is a good base of acidity. This Chardonnay suits a wide range of dishes. Turkey, but also risotto with fresh seafood and mussels in white wine sauce.'


  1. Your wines do seem to get better and better. What is the secret?

'The California region is obviously fantastic for viticulture. Warm during the day, with plenty of cooling at night. We have also planted new vineyards in some higher spots, where even more coolness can reach the grapes. Also, our employees are very passionate, many of them have been part of the family business for a long time - 10, 20 or 30 years - so they have a lot of knowledge and skill.'

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