Cava for Easter

Cava for Easter

We know the Easter brunch from Germany, where we used to uncork bottles of sect every year at wine friends' houses in the garden and then search for chocolate eggs. Meanwhile, Easter brunch is a hit here too, and of course it bubbles during this celebration of new life. - TEXT EDITORS | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

Cava for Easter

From 11am onwards, shamelessly uncork the bottles of champagne, or any alternative that, according to the traditional method is made but does not come from the Champagne region. Crémant, for example, or cava.

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'Ie könt de leefde preuven in the glass' is a quote from Herman Finkers on the website of Wijngaard Hof van Twente. Founded by Roelof and Ilse Visscher on 1 January 2000, they have been lovingly making their Twente wines from their own grapes from Bentelo ever since. It has since become a real family business with son Mart as co-owner. Two wines won an International PIWI Wine Award in November. What is Piwi again? Pilzwiederstandsfähig, or fungus-tolerant. The abbreviation is an alternative to the term hybrid grape variety. It refers to new hybrids of varieties that are fungus-tolerant so that rain does not ruin the harvest. The tasters at the PIWI Wine Award 2021 awarded the Twente wine Regent Barrique Reserve 2018 with gold and the Solaris 2020 with silver.



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