It's all-in the blend

It's all-in the blend

Blending is one of the most important, flavour-determining processes in port. It is a very meticulous job, because if you are off by one per cent, the flavour of the wine is not optimal. WINELIFE was allowed to go on a blending workshop with renowned cellar master Carlos Alvez of prestigious port house Kopke.

It's all-in the blend

You won't notice that percent off if you're working with a small quantity. But when several thousand litres are involved, it does. Fortunately, master blender Carloz guides us through this process. We are given five exciting bottles, filled with a specific port. All are amalgamations of the four well-known port grapes, each with their typical qualities. The tinta barroca is a sugary grape and therefore gives more alcohol. The tinta roriz is important for the tannins while the intense flavour of the   

touriga francesa comes. Last but not least touriga nacional is that variety that keeps things a bit fresh with its high acidity. 

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