Make your own wine with

Make your own wine with

The idea originated 5 years ago on a summer evening in the backyard. But as it often goes, it remained just an idea. A year ago, Murk and Marieke Pietersma from Oentsjerk saw their joint idea,, become a reality after all, thanks to the curfew. - TEXT + IMAGE DESIGNJEWIJNETIKET.NL

Thanks to the curfew

Design your wine label"In the past, for occasions of friends and family, we sometimes made a bottle of wine with a personalised wine label," explains Murk Pietersma. There was always a very enthusiastic response. The bottle of wine was kept extra long or the empty bottle was given a special place in the house. One summer evening in the backyard, we thought we could make our personal wine labels available to more people. Full of enthusiasm, we registered the domain name But it then stopped there. Until we were in lockdown in December 2020 and a curfew was in effect. Seeking distraction, we figured this might be the time to work in the evenings on the one plan that never came to pass. No sooner said than done.

Quality wine

Of course, the idea in itself already existed, comprehensive websites where you can order products with your name and photo. We distinguish ourselves with wine that is of good quality and is also organic and vegan. In addition, we attach great importance to the personal elements on the label. Down to the smallest details, you can personalise a wine label. So in addition to a personalised wine label, you are also guaranteed to give a good bottle of wine.

Divergent occasions

We have been on the road for a year now and we have seen great wine labels come by. People use it for a wide variety of occasions, such as to tell that they are having a baby, to propose to someone and as a gift for a wedding or birthday," says Marieke Pietersma. "One customer even asked his girlfriend to take him to Paris on eight bottles of white wine. It's great to see what people use personalised wine labels for. Are you curious about that too? We have an inspiration blog on our website where you can admire all our customers' personalised wine labels. We may not show all wine labels on our website, because after all, it is personal. But nevertheless, there is plenty of inspiration because there are more than enough wine labels that we are allowed to show.

Personalised corporate gifts

Because we offer quality wine, we also have regular business orders. Companies that surprise their employees in summer with a good bottle of rosé, a catering business that pours its own wine and a real estate agent that offers its own wine through us when buying and selling a house. So we also make the personalised wine labels in large numbers, usually with and sometimes without the wine. It is a business gift that is a welcome gift for relations and employees alike. And of course original and tasteful, both in summer and at Christmas.

Make your own wine with

Have you ever dreamed of having your own wine? Here's your chance!

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We will have the 10 best selfies immortalised as labels and the bottle will be sent to you.
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