Behind the large-scale wine industry lies a world of artisanal wine. Of winemakers seeking out overgrown plots of forgotten local grapes, for example. Of winemakers who work entirely naturally: nothing out, nothing in. - TEXT EDITORS | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

Natural wine, orange wine, vegan wine; you come across these English terms more and more often. They refer to wine produced on a small scale with minimal intervention by the winemaker. Both in the field, where organic or biodynamic work is carried out, and in the cellar. Sometimes this is done in response to industrialised viticulture with its harmful environmental effects, often it is the winemaker's personal passion - compare it to craft beer brewers. Their wines fall under the heading of raw wine or slow wine. Now anything can translate: natural wine, orange wine, vegan wine and wild or pure wine can also. But raw wine sounds good and immediately gives that raw edge.

Wild movement

The Raw Wine Movement is also actually an organised movement of winemakers and wine consumers. A movement from England that is spreading like an oil slick, but less harmful. With meetings worldwide and a network of wine clubs where you can order monthly wine packages.

Isabelle Legeron MW

The natural wine movement was set up by Isabelle Legeron. According to Drinks Business, she is one of the 50 most powerful women in wine. As France's first female Master of Wine and one of only 420 MWs worldwide, her wine life began in a classic way.

Natural wine & food

Maybe plant intelligence, plant sensibility and plant rights go too far for you, but this is not a scene of white-collar types. Realise that wines that are pure are also good for health and that in the bigger picture, biodiversity and kindness to the planet are a requirement for the future.


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