Niek Beute is top sommelier and editor-in-chief at WINELIFE. Read his foreword to the latest edition WINELIFE 75 here. -TEXT + IMAGE NIEK BEUTE 

We kick off a new year of WINELIFE with an edition where we will talk about Vintage, among other things. The term Vintage is often associated with second-hand clothes by exclusive couturiers. Not with me, my thoughts then wander to the special bottles in my cellar, the developed pieces of art that all carry their own story. Stories of their birth years, of the wineries and, above all, the stories of how I got hold of them. Every now and then I put one in my arm and enjoy the magical moment they will evoke.

But even more than thoughts of my basement, Vintage represents hope for me. That there is always a possibility for a second chance. The hope that a wine culture that has fallen into oblivion can experience a resurgence. This is how I enjoy the return of the Alsace region. Sommeliers recognise its quality and individuality and its return to many wine lists.



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