The great Dutch wine hiker's book *LOOKED*

The great Dutch wine hiker's book *LOOKED*

Rolling hills with vineyards, hidden fields full of vines, ripening grapes with morning dew on them... You wouldn't expect it in the Netherlands. But nothing could be further from the truth, because you can find almost two hundred vineyards in our country these days, and that number is growing steadily. The quality of Dutch wines is increasing, so that we can actually call ourselves a humble wine country. - TEXT + IMAGE ANWB

The best way to experience the rolling glory of Holland's emerging wine culture is, of course, on foot. With a pair of sturdy shoes on, you can stroll delightfully through the outlying areas of Maastricht, Domburg, Zeist, and Sneek, among others, and admire the vineyards stretching along the path. After such a walk, of course, you will have more than earned your glass of wine. Sounds like a good plan, but need some inspiration?

The great Dutch wine hiking book

Wine Walks Book

At The great Dutch wine hiking book you will find 25 walking routes of about 5 to 25 kilometres that pass Dutch vineyards and winemakers and end at a welcoming catering establishment where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine. This could be the tasting room of a winemaker himself, a café where you can order locally or regionally produced wine, or just a nice address that has particularly tasty foreign wine under the cork, as the production capacity of many Dutch winemakers is still too small to guarantee a 'château Néerlandais' in stock all year round.

Each walk also tells you what there is to see along the way and teaches you a thing or two about the area. For instance, after your walk through the dunes of Texel, you will know that there are about as many sheep as inhabitants on the island. And that the famous Texel lamb chops go well with a glass of red wine.

This article was produced in collaboration with ANWB.


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