Ready-made hobby vineyard

Ready-made hobby vineyard

CHATEAU FOR SALE: This beautiful and recently renovated chateau in a small French village has not only vineyards and a wine cellar, but also a guest house, tasting room and swimming pool. It was built in the early 18th century and extensively renovated in the mid-19th century. - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

Ready-made hobby vineyard

For generations, it has been owned by the Noël wine family. The current owners completely renovated the chateau in 2019 and 2020. According to the highest international guidelines. The place where one of the vineyard's workers used to live. Was thereby transformed into a guest house with three bedrooms. That offers additional possibilities!



HOWEVER: € 2.950.000

The appellation Fronsac

Fronsac is a fantastic wine-growing region. It lies on the right bank of the Bordeaux river. So that means a leading role for the merlot grape - the so-called left bank is mainly planted with cabernet sauvignon. The AOP Fronsac is bordered by two rivers. The Dordogne and the Isle. And it includes seven communes. La Rivière, Saint-Germain-de-la-Rivière, Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac, Saint-Aignan, Saillans, Galgon and Fronsac. The appellation covers 850 hectares and produces some 44,000 hectolitres of red wine a year. Merlot and also cabernet franc do very well on the rocky hills with soils of clay and limestone. Good news: we see that Fronsac's price per hectare has been rising slightly for a decade. Despite the market's downward trend. This confirms the soundness of this appellation. Of course, the best terroirs never drop in price.



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