Three days of shaking hands and tasting lots of wines. That's what you do as brand-new editor-in-chief of WINELIFE during one of the first wine events of the year. Let me introduce myself: the name is Petri Houweling and you may know me from other media with a focus on wine and good food. - TEXT + IMAGE PERTI HOUWELING


The past Wine Professional provided a lot of inspiration for the coming editions, because in addition to the classic wine regions, more unknown wine countries such as Brazil, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belgium are conquering their place in the Dutch wine market. They are so-called 'New Kids' and that is also the theme of this issue.

In it, we read a lot about new wines, but we mainly talk about contemporary versions of the golden oldies. Evelijn van Heuven went in search of new-world merlots that are absolutely worthwhile. Magda van der Rijst discovered the surprising wine styles of this issue's star grapes: pinotage, pinot noir and cinsault. In Expert tells An update regarding new insights on the shelf life of fresh white wine.

And then innovation in viticulture. In this edition, meet several winemakers and importers who are saying goodbye to conventional farming and for whom sustainability is paramount. Like winemaker Marimar Torres, whom we met at De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam. She uses preparations from biodynamic agriculture for her grape vines in California. We also had a brief interview with biodynamic winemakers Sophie and Didier Simonini in Cassis. Be sure to read the Raw Wine Movement's update following discussions about the quality of natural wine.



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