Editorial board members WINELIFE Magazine

Editorial board members WINELIFE Magazine

The articles in WINELIFE are written by our editors, high time to introduce them. - TEXT EDITORS | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

Editorial board members WINELIFE Magazine

Magda van de Rijst

Travelled to Cape Wine, South Africa's premier wine fair, last October for WINELIFE. Once again, she fell madly in love with the incomparable nature, the enthusiasm of the winemakers and the crazy wines. Among others, those made from the pinota grape. South Africa's national pride was revered, then reviled, and is now rocketing towards a comeback.

Evelijn van Heuven

A father with a fine wine cellar, a friend with an unprecedented passion for wine. Discovering flavours in faraway countries and, increasingly, closer to home. All this led to Evelijn van Heuven's love of the wine trade and the great enjoyment of various flavours. With more than 15 years of experience in the trade, she tastes a beautiful
zip wines and writes about them with love. Because besides wines, writing is her joy and her life!

Marjolein Schuman

Has been writing for WINELIFE from the very beginning. She never gets tired of following wine news and tracking down designer glassware, fine recipes and chateaus for sale. What she enjoys most is visiting winemakers in the afar and tasting their wines together.

Jolande Vos

Everyone knows Jolande Vos from her online platform I Love Food & Wine, the site where she inspires her readers to cook delicious meals. With those homemade meals, she gives tips on wines that perfectly match the dishes. Foodpairing is her passion and life. As is tasting and reviewing wine. In addition to her daily writing for her website, she fills the wine and food section
From WINELIFE magazine.

Petri Houweling

Petri Houweling is the 'new' one in the team. Her entire career has revolved around magazines. She started in fashion, beauty & interior styling and photography. Eventually she ended up in the right place, namely in the wonderful world of wine. The passion for this started at the table, of course, and was then channeled by following the right training courses and lol
LOTS of tasting.


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