Second nomination for the title of Wine Woman of the Year 2024 goes to Anne-Wies van Oosten

Second nomination for the title of Wine Woman of the Year 2024 goes to Anne-Wies van Oosten

During a private dinner with Marimar Torres of Familia Torres wines from California, the expert jury of Wine Woman of the Year 2024 announced Anne-Wies van Oosten as the second contender for the title. Anne-Wies has been a well-known name in the wine world as an all-round wine expert for many years. With this election, Stichting Wijnvrouw van het Jaar puts the spotlight on wine women from the Netherlands every year. All nominated candidates dedicate themselves to the wine world in a remarkable way. According to the jury, which consists of former winners and experts from the wine industry, the nominees for this title make the Dutch wine world a little nicer. These hard-working women are also an example for other women working in the wine industry. The other title candidates will be announced in the coming months.
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Jury report

Anne-Wies van Oosten is a true wine expert and enthusiast, with a Vinologen diploma and WSET Level 4 Diploma in her pocket, among others. Besides running her own wine and delicatessen shop, she founded Here, she shares her knowledge about and love for wine, food and travel. The jury report read: "Anne-Wies is very passionate about her profession, immensely travelled, internationally focused, well and diversely educated, very up-to-date with her website: the latest news can be found directly on her website. She is an example for many wine women"

About Anne-Wies van Oosten

Anne-Wies developed a special interest in wines while running her own wine and delicatessen shop in The Hague. To expand her knowledge, she started her first wine course, continued and obtained her diploma Vinoloog from the Wine Academy in 2003. She travelled more and more often to get to know the origins of her range better. She decided to share the knowledge she gained through The platform contains travel stories, information on wines and wine-food advice from herself and a number of enthusiastic guest writers. Anne-Wies spends much of the year on her own farm in Transylvania in Romania. From there, she travels all over the world judging wine competitions and visiting even more wine regions. Not only the better-known European countries attract her attention; she has already visited China, Thailand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. The wine scene in the Balkan countries also holds her special interest. She therefore lovingly shares her knowledge as a Romania expert through training courses and tastings. Meanwhile, Anne-Wies also holds the WSET Level 4 Diploma. To obtain the title 'Weinakademiker', she wrote a thesis on 'The Development and Future of Wine Tourism in Transylvania'.

Anne-Wies: "Wow, what a treat to be included in the list of nominated wine women. And what an honour! A special row of women who 'make the wine world even more beautiful with their work, passion, knowledge or creations'. Because that is exactly what I too aim to do. Sharing my passion for wine, getting to know the people behind (and for) wine, always continuing to learn and share my knowledge. That never stops. Because how nice it is to share and connect.... That makes me happy every day."

Road to the final

The professional jury of Wine Woman of the Year 2024 consists of Kirsten Abels (winner Wine Woman of the Year 2023), Tatjana Puklavec (winner Wine Woman of the Year 2022), Claudia van Dongen (winner Wine Woman of the Year 2021), Magda van der Rijst (winner Wine Woman of the Year 2020) and Barbara Verbeek (wine journalist). The final will take place during Gastvrij Rotterdam in Ahoy on Tuesday 24 September 2024. Not only the jury of wine professionals will determine the final winner. After the announcement of the final nominee, the public can vote through

Wine Woman of the Year

The wine world is changing. In recent years, we have seen more and more powerful, energetic and driven women who dedicate themselves to the wine world in a special way. They make the wine world even more beautiful with their work, passion, knowledge or creations. According to initiators Barbara Verbeek (Wijntheater) and Clarissa Slingerland (MissPublicity), the women in the Dutch wine industry are unique. These women work hard, inspire, are creative, colourful and mostly an encouragement to other women. It is high time to put these wine women in the spotlight. In 2019, Clarissa and Barbara set up the Wine Woman of the Year Foundation; five women have now been named Wine Woman of the Year. Core values for the award include accessibility, connection, professionalism, knowledge and ambition. Meanwhile, several sponsors are involved in the Award including Walraven Sax, Gastvrij Rotterdam, Royal Leerdam and Bru table water.

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