Win a five-star dinner at your home styled by MADE.COM *MISSED*

Win a five-star dinner at your home styled by MADE.COM *MISSED*

You and your loved one at home. Candles lit, wine to go with it. And a private chef in the kitchen preparing the best meal ever. Does that sound like a dream? We can make that dream a reality, because you have a chance to win a five-star experience, just at your home.

What to expect. A private chef will come to your home to cook and make it an unforgettable evening. We will not only arrange the dinner, but also make sure it looks stylish (this can be MADE.COM of course as the best).

For dinner, receive the MADE dinnerware box with our new collection of dinnerware. So you can create an on-trend and dreamy table as well as give the dishes the dignified place on the table they deserve.

High-end design, without the price tag? That's MADE. They work directly with designers and produce items made to last. The result? Unique designs - for you, and the home of your dreams.

MADE's in-house design team works directly with the best makers, suppliers and independent designers. who naturally share our vision. And because we don't work with unnecessary middlemen, we can offer our products at a fair price, produce small quantities, and constantly respond to our customers' needs. - this is a sustainable way of designing, of which we are proud.

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