"Vintrado - the wine trade revolution" *WINACTION CLOSED*

"Vintrado - the wine trade revolution" *WINACTION CLOSED*

There is a new website where anyone can buy and sell their wine. By also accommodating private collections or bottles from restaurants' cellars, Vintrado allows you to find unique specimens that are not for sale in regular (web) shops. WINELIFE interviewed founder Thijs van Vugt. - TEXT WEB EDITOR | IMAGE VINTRADO

Where can you find that one special bottle of wine?

Uncorking the world of fine wine, founder Thijs van Vugt calls his transparent wine platform. There are already more than 800 wines on offer between €6.95 and €750. Putting a bottle from your own collection up for sale costs you nothing, only on sale does Vintrado receive a small fee. Thijs has developed a nose for wine through his studies at the higher hotel school in Lausanne and 10 years' experience as a wine buyer at Grapedistrict.

How did you come up with the idea for this wine stage?

Someone in my circle of friends wanted to sell part of his basement and asked me to help think about it. Soon you end up with expensive auction houses that charge commission to both the seller and the buyer. This should be easier, more transparent and above all fairer, I thought. After setting up a fairly simple platform, we were soon approached by restaurants that were left with a lot of wine stock due to the lockdown. When we saw that this was catching on and noticed that there was also interest from retailers and importers, this gave us the confidence to further develop and expand the platform.'

Marketplace for stuff, Whoppah for art, Vinted for clothes and now Vintrado for wine. But how do you monitor supply?

'We personally contact all our new vendors to discuss their offerings and determine whether they have adequate storage.'

There are already many wines on it, and not the least. How did you assemble them?

'The Dutch wine world is relatively small. Collectors, restaurateurs and retailers talk to each other a lot. So our brand awareness but also our range is growing continuously. This
goes from everyday wines to the most coveted Monopole Grand Cru from Burgundy.' Thijs has thrown open the world of wine trading with Vintrado. WINELIFE readers and collectors looking to make space in their cellar, he is happy to help. 'With such a diverse range, it's fun to be on the website nosing around.

Win €1000 credit to spend at Vintrado.co.uk

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