Vinorgia part 2

Vinorgia part 2

Karin Leeuwenhoek is a theologian, vinologist and communications scholar. She has ninety Italian olive trees, but mostly loves wine - and philosophising about it. See also her wine blog She writes a column in every issue of WINELIFE Magazine. - TEXT KARIN LEEUWENHOEK | IMAGE PEXELS.COM

Vinorgia part 2

While writing my previous column about the attraction Georgia had for me, I spontaneously checked whether it was also a winter sports destination. And yes: the Georgian mountain village of Gudauri presented itself as the highest and cheapest ski resort in 'Europe'. Even though this turned out to be the location of the famous runaway ski lift movie from 2018, my husband and I thought: let's go! And so we headed to Georgia at the end of February instead of our favourite hotel in the Italian Dolomites. Who could have thought that I would get to this wildly attractive wine country so soon?

However, I got sick: three Georgian viruses followed one another, from coughing, sore throat and snivelling to fever and vomiting. And being sick on holiday is even less fun than at home. I did spend 2 hours on skis, and saw nothing of the mountains due to dense clouds. There were no trees anyway, as the village is above the tree line. And because of the extremely bad weather we had - simply bad luck, but still - I would say: go to the Caucasus mainly in the summer months. But enough of that misery, we're going to talk about wine!



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