WINELIFE takes a tour of Germany's fields. We visit the giant VDP.Weinbörse in Mainz, where more than 1,600 wines from all over Germany await us. Germany has 102 thousand hectares of vineyards, divided into 13 wine-growing regions. From large to small they are: Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Baden, Württemberg, Mosel, Franconia, Nahe, Rheingau, Saale-Unstrut, Ahr, Saxony, Mittelrhein and the Hessische Bergstrasse. Just put on your Nikes and walk and taste this tour of the Mainz wine fair with us! TEXT + IMAGE KARIN LEEUWENHOEK

The Mainzer Weinbörse takes place every year around the end of April. Right after King's Day, so your writer boarded the ICE train to Mainz with an appropriate hangover. Fortunately, a very light-footed, if you like 'elegant' hangover this year, as only fine German wines were served on the orange Riesling is King boat, with which the Information Office for German Wine sails through the Amsterdam canals every year. Three young winemakers from the club Generation Riesling had brought their Rieslings, Silvaners and Spätburgunders, but of course there was also Sekt and remarkably good Scheurebe - the German alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. It remained uneasy in the city for a long time that evening. I therefore very deliberately focused on the second day of the fair on Monday in order to leave Sunday 28 April nice and late and prepare some work in peace.

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