26x Pinot Blanc from Europe

26x Pinot Blanc from Europe

Pinot Blanc, Weissburgunder, Pinot Bianco: they all came along at the WINELIFE tasting themed Pinot Blanc from Europe from €7.50. Together with sommerlier Rianne Ogink, Magda van der Rijst selected 26 wines, one by one suitable for a very long summer. -TEXT MAGDA VAN DER RIJST

Pinot Blanc certainly doesn't have it easy. Some people turn their nose up at it because it lacks character. Because Pinot Blanc has a bit of everything - fruit, spice, mild acidity and roundness - it runs the risk of being dismissed that way, but "you can also see that versatility as a quality," Rianne Ogink rightly observes. This wine talent works as a sommelier (29) at Restaurant Zoldering and enthusiastically responded to the invitation to taste with us. She fondly calls Pinot Blanc one of her guilty pleasures, because she regularly enjoys pouring the accessible wines of this grape for herself.


A good Pinot Blanc is indeed versatile. Its flavour and structure make it easy to drink solo and it goes with all kinds of dishes. It joins effortlessly without losing its unique face. Because it does have its own identity and that is what we were looking for during this tasting too: a pure wine, uplifting and refreshing with a slightly round mouthfeel. Of course, there are differences determined by origin and winemaker. Nice right. Weissburgunder from the Moselle is more floral and lighter than the riper Pinot style of Alsace or the tighter-textured Alto Adige...


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