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hot hey

Hot huh!

Global warming poses major challenges for winemakers. How to deal with shriveling grapes, with water shortages, with depleted

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Tribune Day


Primitivo and zinfandel are essentially the same grape. They derive from a Croatian variety called tribidrag. Over the centuries,

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Greener greener

Green, greener, grüner

Ever heard of a Heuriger? Those are taverns in Austria where local farmers serve their wines during the growing season. Fresh from the land, in your

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Waltzing along the Danube

Austria is quickly associated with The sound of music, waltzing in Vienna and the blue Danube, but it is also a fantastic wine country! Get to know

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The power of cool

The power of cool

It cannot be missed, climate changes have a big impact on how wine is made. Whereas in some areas the grapes almost burn, others enjoy

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Vineyards and Fynbos

The fynbos is a unique mixture of plant species that can grow in nutrient-poor soil and under difficult climatic conditions. In the hot, dry summers of

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Where. In Rheinhessen!

Where is Germany's wine capital? Where are the most silvaner plants in the world? Where do they love Riesling and Dornfelder? And where are the

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Always drinks time

In each edition of WINELIFE, you will find a selection of the latest books on wine and cuisine. - TEXT MARTIN SCHÄFER |

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Pink prick

Whether you go for champagne, cava, crémant, cap classique or sect; if you want to bubble really cool, this year do it with a

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Merlot solo

Grapes are like people: some really can't do without a mate, while others do very well on their own. Merlot is

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