With summer in sight: foreword Niek

With summer in sight: foreword Niek

Niek Beute is top sommelier and editor-in-chief at WINELIFE. Read his foreword to the latest issue of WINELIFE 76 here. -TEXT + IMAGE NIEK BEUTE 

With summer approaching, WINELIFE is already taking you on a trip. This time we are going island hopping. Better get your beach slippers out of the closet, because we are going on a hike. We are going in search of the most beautiful wines that carry the salty sea air. So Evelijn takes us to New Zealand, where she inspires us with a wide variety of red wines; enough to fill your shopping basket for the time to come. Magda explores the Italian islands, satisfying all summer wine cravings.

Personally, I would add another special island. An island that is often overlooked. It does not have the sexy aura like that of Ibiza or Tenerife. It is therefore less commercial, but above all breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, in addition to its beautiful nature and robust culture, Corsica has a range of fantastic wines. One of my personal favourite wineries is Clos Canarelli, which is located in the extreme southern part of the island.



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