Wine trends of 2024: discover the taste of summer

Wine trends of 2024: discover the taste of summer

Weather or no weather, for every moment there is a suitable wine. WINELIFE likes to give you a glimpse of the expected wine trends for the upcoming season.
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Rosé remains a favourite

Rosé remains an undisputed favourite with many. In particular, rosé from Provence and wine made from pinot grigio predominate. Consumers are increasingly opting for the refined flavours of these wines. According to recent data from market research firm Nielsen IQ, rosé's popularity continues to grow steadily. This summer wine accounts for a whopping 19% of total sales during this period.

Popular Italian wines

With the rise of white wines such as pinot grigio, pinot grigio rosé and prosecco, Italy has become a dominant player in the Dutch wine market. These wines are gaining popularity for their refreshing character and versatility, making them a perfect match for summer occasions and dishes.

Nice and light is popular

Dutch consumers increasingly prefer lighter style wines. Especially if they are made from grape varieties such as verdejo and pinot blanc. The North Portuguese vinho verde is another such fine terrace wine. This is partly due to its low alcohol content and wide applicability with summer dishes.

Growing favourite

New Zealand wines, especially sauvignon blanc are hot!
This wine variety is known for its expressive aromas of tropical fruit and refreshing acidity, making it an ideal choice for warmer days and summer dishes. According to recent data from Wine Australia, the share of New Zealand wines has been steadily increasing, with versions made from sauvignon blanc playing a prominent role in this growth.

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