Visiting Domaine Preignes le Vieux

Visiting Domaine Preignes le Vieux

We are happy to make space once more for the Vic family of Domaine Preignes le Vieux. You see, they have started a new range of amphora wines there. We wanted to know all about that. Wine journalist Charlotte van Zummeren therefore travelled again to the Languedoc. -TEXT CHARLOTTE VAN ZUMMEREN

Visiting Domaine Preignes le Vieux

The affable owners of Preignes le Vieux have featured in WINELIFE before, and for good reason. The Languedoc is a very large and innovative wine region with more than seventy appellations and a vast expanse in southern France. And Preignes le Vieux stands out in every way. Located in central Languedoc, near Vias between Béziers and Agde, the Mediterranean is not far from here. The great-great-grandparents of owner Jérôme Vic were in the Domaine from 1905 (!). Jérôme and his wife Aurélie are both winemakers and belong to the fifth generation of the Vic family. Aurélie and Jérôme live in the century-old château with their children in the summer, while in winter they stay in a house in nearby Béziers. Much to the delight of their children, as the castle's thick walls mean the wifi does not always work well.


Aurelie and Jérôme are waiting for me as they want to show off their latest project: amphora wines. 'And these amphora wines also bring us closer to our history again,' says Jérôme. The Romans called the domain of Preignes le Vieux Villa Preixanum a sloppy few thousand years ago.



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