WIJNTJE Oerwijn 2.0:

WIJNTJE Oerwijn 2.0:

With today's hectic pace, many winemakers have lost touch with nature in recent decades. While it is precisely nature that gives us grapes for wine.

The philosophy of Wine is what our ancestors have long known and passed on from generation to generation: wine should be made from grapes that grow on their native soil. On the type of soil where they belong. And that is what Wijntje does. Wijntje listens to nature and makes wine the way our ancestors did. Hand in hand with nature. Because when a vine is healthy, it doesn't need chemistry. Then it protects itself against diseases and pests.

They combine Wijntje's sustainable vineyard management with today's modern winemaking techniques. That's why they call it Primal Wine 2.0. That this is highly successful is proven by the success of Wine. Because in Wijntje Tempranillo, Wijntje Verdejo, Wijntje Bubbels and Wijntje Rosé, you will taste the primal aromas of healthy grapes and tasty wine the way tasty wine should taste!

Our challenge: to make a sustainable, high-quality wine for less than 5 euros. Thanks to the dry, sunny primal climate in Spain, Wijntje managed to produce a naturally pure wine there without chemical pesticides, 100 % organic ánd vegan.

Lots of flavour at a modest price. For less than five euros, you drink an honest, delicious glass of wine with the full flavour of sun-drenched Spain and a clear conscience. A fine bottle of Wijntje is available exclusively at Albert Heijn.

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Salud in advance!

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