Top winemaker Tim Mondavi visiting

Top winemaker Tim Mondavi visiting

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Top winemaker Tim Mondavi visiting

The term vertical wine tasting is taken quite literally today. In the historic auction room of the former flower auction in Venlo, the 70 tasters sit at their desks in tiers, reminding us of the steep stands of Theatre Carré. The good news is that everyone mastered Tim (Timothy) Mondavi can see excellently.


The master class by the famous Californian winemaker starts musically with the performance of the national anthems of the United States and the Netherlands, while the flags of both countries are brought into view. The tone for what is going to be a memorable day is set! The common thread in Tim's story is family history. It began with Italian immigrant Cesare Mondavi, who bought Californian grapes in 1919 to make wine at home in Minnesota. His son Robert settled in Napa Valley and made a name for himself there with the Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville (1966). World-famous also became Opus One, a collaboration with Baron Philippe de Rothschild. This wine, based on a Bordeaux blend and made from local Cabernet Sauvignon, put Napa Valley on the map for good.


After selling the Robert Mondavi Winery, Tim founded Continuum Estate and there Cabernet Sauvignon once again took a starring role. His sons Carlo and Dante started RAEN Winery in 2013, where Pinot Noir plays the main role.



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