The wonder lamp of Aladdin

The wonder lamp of Aladdin

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The wonder lamp of Aladdin

Do you desire a perfect wine with risotto with mushrooms? Or rather with leg of lamb with honey mustard sauce? Online wine specialist is launching the Netherlands' first digital sommelier. Her name is Vina. You answer her questions and Vina makes a wine suggestion for your dish, drink or gift, for example. The tool was created in France and a lot goes into that. Pierre Vila Palleja, one of the country's top sommeliers, and his team laid the foundations for an algorithm that picks wines based on characteristics such as producer, region, grape variety and vintage. An interface was then developed by French startup Matcha using hundreds of thousands of searches from wine buyers. Et voilà: a tool that meets customers' needs based on a wide range of search criteria. Merci artificial intelligence! Vinify is the first platform to launch this technology outside France, so order gourmet wines from and get the restaurant feel at home. With Vina, you now also always drink the perfect wine with every dish.

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Let's talk about lime

Travel south for one of five cycling routes along the Limburg wine estates. One of them leads straight through the Land of Limestone, one of the most beautiful areas of southern Limburg and, of course, limestone is very fertile soil for wine. You can find the route at ROUTEDESVINS.CO.UK. Highly recommended afterwards is the Van de Bunt family's restaurant De Leuf in Ubachsberg. Not only does it serve fantastic food - combining modern French cuisine with Asian influences - but it has also been given a new interior. What particularly appeals to us is that it is made of local materials, including Kunrader stone, which is millions of years old. The quarry where this limestone is mined is nearby.



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