The perfect autumn marriage: Pedro Ximénez with cheese

The perfect autumn marriage: Pedro Ximénez with cheese

Sherry paired with cheese, especially Pedro Ximénez , is the perfect autumn marriage. A true match made in heaven. As an ambassador for Sherry, you will have seen these wines pass by on my Instagram before @miekandgrapes, and maybe even already paired with a cheese board. Time to delve a little deeper! -TEXT ANNMIEK HUMMELINK | IMAGE YOËLLA PULLEN

The perfect autumn marriage: Pedro Ximénez with cheese

So what exactly is PX? "PX " stands for "Pedro Ximénez", the name of the grape variety used to make this type of sherry. It is a fortified wine, made in south-west Spain, called Jerez.

A deep, dark-coloured, sweet, raisiny, date-like flavour with a syrupy texture is how you can recognise it. Therefore perfect to use with a dessert. Delicious with sweet, such as a sultry chocolate mousse, but certainly also with a cheeseboard. The sweetness of the wine complements the saltiness of the cheese. One of my favourite combos therefore: The wine food combo with cheddar or parmesan. I love salt, and this brings out the best in the PX as far as I'm concerned. The flavours of these cheeses help bring out the sweet caramelised in the sherry. Sounds like mouth-watering, right? Not a fan of hard cheeses? Then a brie or camembert will also pair nicely. If you have a cheese board, you will taste that the wine does something special with each cheese. Infinite cheesy options, then!

Cheese board

A cheese board naturally includes nuts and compotes. This is certainly not a problem, because did you know that these also taste good with the raisin-like sherry? The salty flavours are the same as the cheeses, but the syrupy sultana taste of the PX actually enhances the flavour of the compotes and figs on your board. Further fill your cheese board with tasty crackers and grapes, for example.

One last tip: make sure both the cheese and the sherry are at the right temperature. Take the cheeses out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving. The PX may be served between 12 and 14 degrees. This is how all the flavours come out best.

Hopefully I was able to convince you a little about this surprising wine. Really worth a taste. And did you know that this PX is also often served in restaurants? So just for fun, check out the dessert wines and order a cheeseboard once paired with Pedro Ximénez. And now sit back and enjoy!

About the Consejo Regulador

The Supervisory Board of the D.O. Vinos de Jerez (Sherry Wines), known as the Consejo Regulador, was the first to publish the regulations for a designation of origin in 1935. This is why we refer to "Jerez-Xérès-Sherry" and "Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda" as the oldest designations of origin (D.O.) in Spain. Within the Sherry area, another product is "Sherry vinegar". It too has been protected by a designation of origin (P.D.O.) since 1994. The Consejo Regulador that protects these three designations brings together 1,750 winegrowers and around 100 wineries, located in the so-called "Marco de Jerez" in the province of Cadiz. They are all responsible for the management, control and quality of all wines. This guarantees the quality of the respective regional products for the consumer market. The work of the Consejo Regulador has brought these D.O.P.'s international recognition. These are wines of extraordinary variety and real character, with a very long export tradition and brands that represent true Spanish icons throughout the world.

This campaign is funded with support from the European Union.


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