Scotland's finest whisky routes

Scotland's finest whisky routes

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The most beautifulScotland's finest whisky routes

Wine in Scotland comes mostly in fruit, honey and cider flavours, but their unsurpassed whiskies know how to fill that gap brilliantly. Just ask The Whisky Couple - Hans and Becky Offringa - who have traversed the country for three decades in search of the best and most unique distilleries. In this freshly revised edition of their bestseller, you will find eight whisky routes to follow by car and two sailing trips, including accompanying tasting notes, maps and must-see highlights of each region. THE FINEST WHISKY ROUTES THROUGH SCOTLAND | HANS OFFRINGA, BECKY OFFRINGA | FONTAINE PUBLISHERS | ISBN: 9789464042030 | € 29.99

Persiana every day

This cooking bible is worth buying for the cardamom-mugar rice pudding alone. On top of that, you get another 236 pages of scrumptious recipes, which author Sabrina Ghayour has infused with the necessary tips & tricks that open the door to Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine that is as colourful as it is flavourful for everyone. On any day of the week, because with Ghayour's down-to-earth dishes like golden meat stir-fry, deep-fried feta packets and lamb chops with yoghurt and fenugreek, every home cook will be cheering at the dinner table from now on. PERSIANA EVERY DAY | SABRINA GHAYOUR | GOOD COOK | ISBN: 9789461432803 | €27.50



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