The art form of wine

The art form of wine

Every issue Niek Beute writes a column, in this issue 'The art form of wine'. TEXT + IMAGE PEXELS.COM

The art form of wine

For me, it is important to be constantly stimulated and inspired by other forms of art. And yes, I consider wine an art form. A living work of art, telling the story of a moment, a place, rendered through the artist's eye. And to be able to continue to recognise and feel the art form of wine, being touched by other arts is a great tool to have at hand. It allows me to stay close to my feelings and such to be more open to all the beauty hidden in a wine.

By invitation the other day, I was allowed to take a seat for an evening ballet. We were practically in the front row. The combination of the dance and a live orchestra, where we sat so close that the vibrations of the sound could be felt, produced a spectacle that I am sure left no one unmoved. The power, passion and technique of the dancers were truly breathtaking and overwhelming. It took me a day to absorb and digest it all. It was such a boost, as if my soul was revitalised.

A few days later, I come across a small cedar box in my wine storage, containing a test tube with a mysterious golden-brown elixir. I had put the box away for a moment when I would be ready to grasp the liquid art. This moment.



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