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This wine rack was designed by Belgian Frederik Delbart, who was inspired by Roman bridges. You can choose between six, nine or 12 arches to hold the wines to drink. Hand-welded from stainless steel and powder-coated in black with a soft grain. XLBOOM ARCA WINE RACK | FLINDERS.NL | FROM € 144,65

SagSmoked sausage

This looks like classic textiles, until a smoked sausage slides past the pan you are drying off, or a milk jug slides past the glass you are polishing. Horseshoes, buckets and cooking pots also join in this combination of folklore and design. The motif of these tea towels is already fun, but you're also showing off a Studio Job art object in the meantime! Also in blue or with insect motif. ORGANIC COTTON TEA TOWEL | BY.TEXTIELMUSEUM.NL | € 20

SagOut of your winter slump

Brightly coloured glassware makes for a party on the table. Amsterdam-based label Puik Design created four sets of two slightly different glasses to mix and match. The designers got inspiration from spring fairs with their rainbow colours and the smell of candyfloss, where clowns blow up balloons and fairground attractions make you scream. Made and packaged in a sustainable way. GLASS BEAN COLLECTION | HOEKED.COM | SET OF 2 €45



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