Petri Houweling becomes editor-in-chief of WINELIFE!

Petri Houweling becomes editor-in-chief of WINELIFE!

Just in the last minute of 2022, we can introduce our new editor-in-chief: Petri Houweling. She is no stranger to the wine world, having been closely involved with Perswijn for years. There she was the person behind the sales, but you have certainly also come across her during the countless wine events she organised for this magazine. Petri is a wine lover who loves to share her knowledge about wine with everyone. Her enthusiasm and passion for this wonderful product has already inspired many. And she will certainly continue to do so for the readers of WINELIFE! - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

How it started.

Petri began as her career as a fashion person in the magazine world, but soon strayed into the beauty & interior styling and photography sections. Eventually she ended up in the right place, namely in the wonderful world of wine. The passion for this started at the table, of course, because according to her, this is the very best place to really enjoy wine.

The professional sequel

Subsequently, her desire to make this her job was channelled through appropriate training and lots of tasting. But it really began with the founding of her company Château Petri. From then on, in addition to her job at Perswijn, she worked as an enthusiastic wine teacher at the three SDEN levels, as an organiser of pampering wine tours, as a substitute sommelier, as a journalist and as a wine writer for importers and wine shops.

In her spare time, she travels the nicest wine regions in her camper van, looking for the best wines and matching stories. And she likes to share these with the readers of WINELIFE. Meet her from issue 81, which will be published on 17 February 2023.


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