'My mission is to take people into Braun's world of wine'

'My mission is to take people into Braun's world of wine'

Sometimes you come to a tasting where you wonder about the connection between the different producers. At Braun Wine, that connection is quite special, as Matthijs Braun works exclusively with producers who have something with the name Braun or an international variation of it in their name. We meet him during his overview tasting at beach pavilion Makai in IJmuiden. - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

'My mission is to take people into Braun's world of wine'

Who is Matthijs Braun?

Matthijs (36) is a self-made man. He started his hospitality career at the bottom of the ladder at restaurant Blauw aan de Wal. Soon he had an excessive interest in wine, which deepened by attending WSET 3. He came up with the idea of importing wine when he came into contact with wine producers during his travels, for whom he also makes promotional films. For six years, he has been importing his own wines, relying mostly on his own taste and intuition. And thus the company name.

Braun, Bruno or Marrone

So far, Matthijs is working with both a German and an Austrian Weingut Braun. From Italy, he has the wines of Bruno Porro, Sandro de Bruno and Agricola Marrone. With such a special starting point, the question then arises of the quality of the wines. And they are surprisingly good. The special thing about such a selection is that you get very diverse producers together. Big and small, renowned or just starting out.



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