How do you create a wine cellar?

How do you create a wine cellar?

It is every wine lover's dream: your own wine cellar, a stock of wines that you have curated over the years. To make sure you can get a start on this too, we take a closer look. So you can save your holiday bottles for later and invest in the children's vintages. And be ready to pull out the right bottle in any situation. - TEXT NIEK BEUTE | IMAGE EDITORS

How do you create a wine cellar?

The old-fashioned cellar is the ideal environment for resting and maturing wines. Should you be building a new house, it is definitely worth considering having one constructed. But for anyone not in that position, there are plenty of other solutions. The size of the intended collection determines how the space should be set up for this purpose. For a beginning collection, climate cabinets are the most suitable. In a spacious cabinet, there is room for as many as three hundred bottles. That seems large, but as soon as the passion for collecting takes hold, a climate-controlled cupboard will soon be full. It is also possible to set up a storeroom, a room or a cellar as wine storage. There are a few things to bear in mind here.

Temperature, light & air

Temperature and, above all, a constant temperature is a plus. Varying temperatures have a negative impact on the wine. A constant temperature of around 13 degrees would be ideal. There is climate control on the market designed for wine storage rooms; from a walk-in closet to a garage box. It's just how crazy you want to make it. Above all, start small and build up your collection in doses.



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