How do you become a winemaker?

How do you become a winemaker?

You no longer have to descend from a wine family that has been passing on its property for generations, or apply to a vineyard as a graduate oenologist. Simply buying a wine estate yourself is also possible. You can leave the skill it takes to make wine to others. But tending the grapes or marketing the wine yourself is also fun to do. - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

How do you become a winemaker?

Investing in a wine estate

Now that assets with quite a few zeros in the bank no longer yield interest - in fact, they have to be paid for - big business is plunging into real estate. Besides properties in major world cities, vineyards and wineries are also in demand. In Bordeaux, for instance, many wealthy Chinese have become owners of old chateaus. They already loved classic Bordeaux by the glass in their own country, so why not invest in the wine region? Burgundy was long shunned by big business but the madness has now struck there too, says Burgundy expert Karel de Graaf. Vineyards are changing hands for record amounts. Being able to put the title of wine farmer or winemaker on your CV is a nice bonus for many. A celebrity like Brad Pitt can talk about it. He bought the historic Château Miraval domain in Provence with Angelina Jolie, previously owned by music producer and passionate wine lover Jacques Loussier. The renowned Perrin wine family interfered with the technical part and voila: a successful wine brand was thus born.



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