Hotel night with Celia and Pulitzer

Hotel night with Celia and Pulitzer

On a rainy January evening, we trudge through Amsterdam with hundreds of fellow sufferers, because it is Hotelnacht. Meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in a hotel room in your own city without having to eat dry bread afterwards. - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

Hotel night with Celia and Pulitzer

Staying overnight with luxurious bedding is nice, but the parties in hotel lobbies are finer. The question is whether you see your bed at all after. This year, our answer was yes, because we ended up in too many places with too loud music, too many cocktails and too hip people talking English. Dead tired we were. Whatever happened to Dutch bartenders?


First, get wristbands at art'otel. A beautiful hotel with modern art by Atelier Van Lieshout and restaurant ARCA by Portuguese two-star chef Henrique Sá Pessoa. Then check in at Pulitzer. In the canal house that the great-grandson of the Pulitzer Prize founder bought up in the 1960s, we are always welcomed as if we had won that prize ourselves. We drink the aperitif in our room: a piccolo (200 millilitre) champagne brought along in our suitcase. With aromas of white flowers and red fruits and uplifting acidity. The party is on! POMMERY BRUT ROYAL 20 CL | GALL.NL | € 14,49


Then dinner at Celia, the restaurant at the Kimpton de Witt hotel where there is a Taco & Tequila Night. For €35 you choose two tacos with a vegetable dish and cocktail, after which you get a shot of spirits. The fish ceviche taco is particularly special in flavour with the sourness of the fish, creaminess of the avocado and spiciness of the jalapeño. The smoked mushroom taco is quite modest, though. The sweet potato with lime yoghurt and shallot oil is a flavourful extra. Celia is totally up to date with a penchant for Californian cuisine and fresh ingredients of the season.



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