Here on the coast

Here on the coast

Traveling far away, to a tropical island? No need at all. On Zeeland's islands you'll find sun and beaches and, more importantly, good food and wine. As gastronomes, we were therefore gilded with a press trip to Schouwen-Duiveland. A trip with a raw edge. - TEXT MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN | IMAGE JAN DE CARPENTIER, MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN, SESDICK VAN DER VEER

Here on the coast

Island hopping by boat is still possible, but no longer necessary. Zeeland's islands are connected by natural silting and by human hands - think of that fantastic Zeeland Bridge! Even Schouwen and Duiveland used to be separate parts. We are here for the opening of the 2022 Eastern Scheldt lobster season. The lobster population has its own DNA structure and a fine and mild flavour that we want to taste. 'The beautiful weather in recent weeks has been good for the lobsters,' says Nelleke Launspach. As president of the Oosterschelde Lobster Promotion Foundation, she is our hostess.

Heroes on the Eastern Scheldt

At the Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk, on the former island of Duiveland, we are immediately moved by a video message from Wim Schot, one of the relief workers during the 1953 disaster. Before his death in 2019, he tells his story. How he sailed a boat through the streets of Zierikzee - 'small houses with big families' - and through the Vierbannenpolder. Hundreds of people he plucked from the rooftops on which they had fled. 'Stiff as planks they were,' says Wim. And then that one fat man, waist-deep in water, whom he saw waving behind an attic window.



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