Have you already got tickets for this year's most fun wine event?

Have you already got tickets for this year's most fun wine event?

Do you fancy an unforgettable evening of delicious food, fantastic wines and an entertaining tutorial from a professional wine connoisseur? Then come to this year's most fun wine event organised by wine magazine WINELIFE and California Wines.

Have you already got tickets for this year's most fun wine event?

On Saturday 14 October, we have reserved the beautiful I-Dock in Amsterdam to treat WINELIFE readers to a special wine and food experience. This fantastic venue, located on the waterfront, is easy to reach. There is a parking garage around the corner, CS Amsterdam is a 7-minute walk away, and you can even moor your boat in the harbour in front of the door.

Once you arrive, we welcome you with a special glass of wine. This will be followed by a three-course dinner created by the I-Dock's top chefs. We pair these delicious dishes with 5 different authentic wines from California. Wines from this glamorous region are known for their excellent quality and distinct flavours. Whether you are an experienced wine nerd or novice wine taster, your taste buds are sure to be spoiled!

During dinner, the ambassador of Califorian Wines, Edwin Raben verbally takes you to California. He is always looking for exceptional wines and found them in this beautiful wine region. He sees wine as a food made with love, and talks about it very tastefully.

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Experience all this with us, and order here your tickets and Experience WINELIFE live during an evening of wine entertainment. Until the 14e October!


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Wine and food event in the heart of Amsterdam