Glad they are here

Glad they are here

A sweet dessert with matching sweet wine makes us feel like grandma sipping a lawyer blissfully. A few classic treats in a row. - TEXT EDITORS | IMAGE SHUTTERSTOCK

Glad they are here

Desserts are the icing on the cake of a fine dinner. And for wine lovers, they are a great opportunity to open a second bottle - assuming you stick to one wine during the meal. A fine red wine with chocolate, a sparkling wine with meringue, a slightly sweeter wine of Riesling or Muscat, grapes that have something floral at the same time, or a special sweet dessert wine such as ice wine or fortified Banyuls from France. Dessert wines have aromas from caramel, honey and sultanas to nuts, apricots, chocolate and wood. Drink them chilled, whether your wine is white or red.

Heel Holland bakt

Rutger van den Broek also looks forward to dessert before dinner. 'And when I have to make a choice in a restaurant, I have the greatest difficulty. I would prefer to just taste them all!' That is why the first winner of Heel Holland Bakt the Dessert Bible with more than three hundred recipes. From these, we were allowed to choose two French classics and an international dish to prepare in advance. They are very easy. A beautifully prepared plate will impress after dinner, and the dessert wine finishes it off. 



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