Doing business in Asia

Doing business in Asia

That Chinese love classic Bordeaux is well known, but modern Australian wine is also being gobbled up by the new generation of Chinese. - TEXT MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN

Doing business in Asia

China was always the outlet in Asia for Australian wine. But frequently cancelled shipments have made the country an uncertain factor for wine exporters. So they are turning to new Asian countries, but that requires new knowledge and also diplomacy. After all, what can you expect when you pour a glass of wine to a Japanese businessman? To help small and medium-sized wine companies export to Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and India, a programme has been set up in South Australia.

This so-called Emerging Markets Program provides a market overview for each country, information on sales channels, an in-depth consumer profile, and a guide to doing business. Brian Smedley, CEO of the South Australian Wine Industry Association,
says: 'We will also offer case studies, a guide to holding tastings, and an exploration of traditional wine and food pairings.' Good idea, because armed with tips, winemakers travelling there, or virtually presenting their wines to buyers, can at least avoid classic pitfalls. What was it again, did you or did you not have to be a farmer
leave after drinking?


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