A meeting with Paula Gonzales of Pyros Wines

A meeting with Paula Gonzales of Pyros Wines

Paula Gonzalez is no stranger to WINELIFE, because a few years ago, when she started at Argentinian winery Pyros Wines, we already had a conversation with her. We asked her to what extent she was able to fulfil her ambitions from then at Pyros. -TEXT HARALD KOLKMAN | IMAGE VERBUNTVERLINDEN

A meeting with Paula Gonzales of Pyros Wines

For those who missed that conversation, first a brief introduction: Paula Gonzalez was born in Mendoza and has a family history of grandparents and parents who owned small vineyards in the eastern part of Mendoza. Her grandfather not only worked on a farm, but was also in charge of a winery. 'For as long as I can remember, I went every weekend to watch my grandfather and how he was busy making wine. I was curious about the winemaking process and what happened to the grapes after they were harvested. Even at a young age, I was sure I wanted to become a winemaker too,' Paula explains. Paula was already making wine before she graduated with a degree in oenology. At the same time, besides working in wineries in Mendoza and San Juan, she got the chance to experience a harvest in Spain. Paula: 'That was very instructive. I learned what it was like to discover new terroirs and techniques. And cultural exchange is essential to understand the market.'


When Paula started at Pyros, she wanted to minimise interventions in the winemaking process so that the terroir could express itself more in the wines. 



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